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What is Swadhyay? By Dr Atul Pednekar


The process of Swadhyay is about learning to ask ourselves the right questions interchangeably;

- What is my real problem?

- Why do I experience this problem?

- What is about me that makes me susceptible to this problem? Or,

- What is it that about me that doesn’t allow me to overcome this problem?

Swadhyay does not have any readymade answers for any of these questions or problems. Finding answers to these questions is an interesting challenge because;

- There is never a single answer to any question

- Selecting an answer involves making a responsible choice

- It also often involves Creating a new answer

The real fun of Swadhyay is to understand the pattern of our answers too. What we do not realise often is that, there is usually a pattern even to our answers, which is predetermined by;

- Our perception of ourselves in relation to

- Our perception of the world around us.

Hence, unless we are able to identify this pattern, our answers too will be revolving around the same predetermined axle. We may end up identifying about ourselves, “what we want to see”, rather than what we “need to see”. It is only when we have been able to break the influence of these notions, would then we be able to

- Ask the right question to our self

- Force the right answer out of our self

- Identify the suitable solution for our self

- Be responsible to bear the consequences of our choices

Integral Chakra Psychology is the study of these behaviour patterns that helps simplify the process of Swadhyay.


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