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Emo - Energy Balancing Workshop


A Workshop on Emotional Management and
Energy Balancing Techniques

What is Emo-Energy Balancing ? ? ?
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Learn about emotional management, energy balancing, and practical ways to achieve emotional and energy balance



Are you struggling with low energy, stress, and day-to-day challenges?


This 5 day Emo Energy Balancing Workshop prepares the ground for introspection. It is designed to help you go inwards, connect with the silence within, and understand the techniques you use to interact with the outside world.


There are games, guided activities, and homework for experiencing first hand the effects of simple techniques that help balance emotions and energy.


In this workshop you will learn, experience, and practise:


➢    Yogic concepts like the panchakoshas, bhavas, parikarmas

➢    The sequential stages of stress

➢    How to create internal silence

➢    Identify your need for communication

➢    Patterns of communication as energy exchanges

➢    Yogic techniques like Nishpanda bhava and Pratipaksha bhavana

➢    The 4 pillars of yogic life

➢    An introduction to chakra healing

➢    Asana practice

➢    Pranayama practice

➢    Guided meditations


Who is this course for?

This is a program for complete beginners as well as those already on the path of yoga. All you need is a willingness to question your beliefs, openness to exploring a new perspective on stress and anxiety, and an inclination to jumpstart your journey towards a happier and healthier self.

Pre-requisite:- NIL  (You don't have to do Swadhyay (Level 1) to Join Emo-Energy Balancing workshop . IF you plan to join Chakra Healing (Level 2) then Emo-Energy Balancing workshop and Swadhyay (Level 1) both courses are mandatory


ONLINE Workshop Dates:-

Jan 22 to 26

Workshop Timings:- 

Morning Batch:- 10:00am-1:00 pm OR Evening Batch-5:30 pm to 8:30 pm IST (Select any one batch time)​


Energy exchange- Rs 4,500 

Early Bird discount - Rs 4,000

(Discount Valid till 7th Jan)

Please note fees once paid will be non-refundable.

(After you register, kindly send your full name by a whats app message to +91-8369667701)

RULES for Certification and Attendance: 
1)  Emo-Energy is a certificate workshop. Students will receive participation certificate on completing 15 hrs of training session.

2)  100% attendance is compulsory for Emo-Energy (i.e 5 days/ 15 hrs) to join chakra healing.

3)  Students who don’t complete 15 Hrs of training in Emo-Energy Balancing (EEB) will not be allowed to register and join for Level II Chakra Healing (CH) program because EEB is  pre-requisite for CH

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