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Dr Atul Pednekar

  • He is a Counsellor, Motivator and a Personal Empowerment Facilitator. Coming from a Medical background his interest is especially in Holistic Healing. His belief in Lifestyle Management as a part of healing brought him in contact with the field of Yoga and Philosophy. He is a trained Yoga teacher and a Counsellor.

  • He is the Founder, Director of Yog Psychology Foundation; which is working towards spreading the importance of Yoga as a healing modality.

  • His modules of programs based on the principles of Yoga Psychology have been included as a part of the curriculum at The Yoga Institute, Mumbai, India; which is the oldest organised institute in the world, for householders.

  • He has also been associated with various research projects, including;

  • The Caring Heart Project and

  • The Role of Yoga in Alleviating Anxiety

  • He was appointed as a Senior Research Fellow with AYUSH, for a research program that studied the role of Yoga on mothers of students appearing for Board exams.

  • He is attached as a faculty at The Yoga Institute, where he regularly conducts lectures for the teacher trainees on topics related to medicine and counselling for more than 25 years.

  • He was attached as a counsellor at the prestigious Institute of Chemical Technology (formerly UDCT) and Ram Ratna Vidya Mandir. He has conducted over 500 workshops on First- aid for Merchant navy cadets as also for various other groups. He has conducted various workshops on Stress Management for corporates as also social and other groups.

  • He has authored two books 

  • “IT’S ALL IN THE MIND” (on principles of Psychology and Counseling for healers and common people) and 

  • "INTEGRAL CHAKRA PSYCHOLOGY" (which is an international publication and elaborates on behaviour patterns and the emotional problems related with the same)

  • He has been the President of Santacruz Medical Social Association, which is a premium medical association conducting academic and social functions for its member doctors.

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  • B.H.M.S (Mumbai University) – 1990 – C.M.P.H.M.C.

  • M.A. (Philosophy – part I) – Mumbai University – (2003)


  • Teachers Training Course (Yoga) – The Yoga Institute – 1997



  • Completed the MILLENIUM COURSE –  advanced course in Yoga for senior faculty at The Yoga Institute


  • Training course in counseling (St. Xavier’s College)


  • Hypnotherapy – Basic Level – (International Academy of Life)


  • Integrated Healing – (International Academy of Life)

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