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A Curriculum created for all those who want to work towards Reducing the intensity of, OR 
Reducing/ Stopping their medications for;

- Chronic Stress, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD
- Chronic, Progressive Health Conditions Like Asthma, Thyroid Problem, Obesity, Migraines, Allergies, Heart Problems, IBS, Low Immunity, Insomnia, etc.

This curriculum is also for Yoga Teachers, Health workers, Reiki and Pranic healers/ practioners, clinical psychologists who want to upgrade and strengthen their healing skills/techniques

Manage stress | Identify root expectation/sensitivities that causes stress | Understand chakras | Learn techniques to manage basic expectation


A holistic program combining yoga asanas, meditation techniques as well as psychology to fight Anxiety and Depression


What is this program looking to address?


Stress is caused by our inability to handle a particular situation and thereby lose our balance. There are some instances where we have managed stress and continued to live in a balanced state. However, at times, we have been in a state of despair, hopelessness as well as constant fear.  External factors such as the existing pandemic, lock – down may have also contributed to high levels of stress in most if not all of us.


It is this extreme stress and the inability to handle it, that triggers illnesses be it hypertension, hypothyroidism, diabetes, panic attacks, insomnia, IBS, migraines, asthma and many more.


Through this program, we aim to help one, identify the root cause for their stress/problems;  thereby work on overcoming it,  improve the mental well being and finally the overall wellness of an individual. We will be using various techniques based on ancient texts – Yoga Sutras as well as Contemporary  Psychology.


Limited Participants, Better Guidance 


Taking into consideration the individual attention that needs to be given to every participant, the registration has been restricted to maximum 35.

There will be a group of mentors that will be assisting the participants through the program.


These programs are based on group dynamism where the learning happens from the sharing of the overall group but the most important person for the success of this program is you and you owning responsibility towards self-growth.


Live Online Interactive Program 

Curriculum Flow


 Jan 22 - 25 (Online)


Understand stress and effect on individual energy.

Learn techniques to balance oneself and conserve energy.

Basic stress management program to help cope with parenting,

career and relationship issues among others


Understanding the problem. Being able to ask oneself questions on what is the one sensitivity that makes me susceptible to the problem? Getting deeper into the subconscious mind and understanding what the main issue is rather than what one wants to see the issue as?


Jan 8 - 19 (Online)

Mar 4 - 15 (Online)


Apr 1 - May 3


Understanding the chakras as categories of potentials as well as sensitivities helps one go deeper in understanding one’s problems, temperaments and why one behaves in a particular manner under various situations. This helps in dropping acquired beliefs that may hamper one from receiving their overall potential and being myopic in their view of life – moving from seeing things from the problems perspective to a potentials perspective.


Yoga Psychotherapy Curriculum is a package of Emo-Energy balancing, Swadhyay and Chakra Healing. All these courses are a part of Yoga Psychology courses

Yoga Psychology offers 4 Courses in total :-

  1. Emo-Energy Balancing

  2. Swadhyay (Level 1 of Yoga Psychology)

  3. Chakra Healing (Level 2 of Yoga Psychology)

  4. Dip. In Yoga Counseling (Level 3 of Yoga Psychology)

A student who completes all the 3 courses i.e Emo-Energy balancing, Swadhyay and Chakra Healing has done Yoga Psychotherapy Curriculum. You will receive Participation certificate for Swadhyay and Chakra Healing. Emo-Energy balancing is not a certificate course.. We don’t offer a separate certificate for the Psychotherapy curriculum.

A students who wants to register for Yoga Psychotherapy has to register for all 3 courses SEPARATELY.


To register for the courses, click on the link below.


For any queries call +91-836966770


1. What is Yoga Psychotherapy Curriculum (YPC)? what is the purpose of doing this course when you already have yoga psychology courses?

The Yoga Psychology programs have been designed in a way so that the participant is taken to a step-wise increasing level of self awareness, mainly as a process of learning.Here, participants have the option to choose the join the next level at their own leisure or time availability; which is often necessary.

However, there are cases where the participant would be suffering from severe anxiety, depression or other related health issues such as hypothyroidism, hypertension, diabetes, etc. The participants desire to overcome these maladies is strong, but in such cases, it is important that they complete the entire curriculum and complete the process of self-healing. But often, the participants get busy in their other commitments and the duty towards oneself again takes a back seat.

The Yoga Psychotherapy Curriculum is a responsible commitment that the participant takes to fulfill the duties towards oneself,

Along with a complete curriculum, it also has inclusions of yoga practices that are introduced in the Yoga Psychology programs but are left to the participant to be practiced by themselves. The Yoga sessions ensure that the participant goes through these practices and make the healing process complete from all angles.

2. Is there any difference between Yoga Psychotherapy Curriculum and Yoga Psychology with regards to course content, timing and duration?

NO. the content will be the same. The only difference will be with regards to the commitment and yoga practice sessions which have to be done simultaneously.

3. Would I be able to do level 3 after Yoga Psychotherapy Curriculum?

YES. The participants will be eligible to join the level 3 program after successful completion of SMSH. The other eligibility, with regards to the yoga TTC program also remains the same, for receiving the level 3 certificate.

4. Is Yoga Psychotherapy Curriculum a certificate course?

Participants will be receiving a certificate of participation for the completion of Emo- Energy Balancing., Swadhyay (Level I)

and Chakra Healing (Level II) program if done separately.

5. Are there any assignments/HW to be done in these courses?

YES. There are some assignments that are given to the participants which are necessary for the learning process and introspection.

6. What if miss a session in any course in between? What then?

100% attendance is compulsory for the Emo- Energy Balancing and Swadhyay program. If the participant misses out any day, they will have to attend the next Emo- Energy Balancing/ Swadhyay program by paying 50% fees. They will also not be able to attend the next level program till they have completed the previous program.

They will however not have to pay anything extra for the next level program, unless the charges for the same itself has increased, in which case they will have to pay the difference.

Minimum 80% attendance is compulsory for the Level II program.

Days 1-2-3 are compulsory, since an introduction to the concept of will be given in these sessions.

7. What is the minimum attendance requirement for certificate?

Mentioned above.

8. Is there any pre-requisite for Yoga Psychotherapy Curriculum?

Those having severe anxiety, depression and who are on medication for the same, will be given preference.

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