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Even in the darkest hour, your inner light shines and someone appreciates it.

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Depression is not a glorified word that is just thrown around to describe a bad day or a single expectation not being met. It is also not something to instill fear and has no longer any stigma attached to it. It is a real feeling and there is a way out of it.

Depression is not something that just started one day but it is a gradual process, a series of unmet expectations that lead to frustrations and the repeated failed attempts to make things work lead to a state of hopelessness which then leads to despair. Despair then takes over a person’s life making them not remember where it all began or instilling this feeling that they are incapable to take their life’s reins back in their own hands.

Why me? Tell me where did I go wrong?

Depression is when you may be feeling that you are falling down a rabbit hole and do not have something to hold on to. It may leave you feeling completely out of balance. Depression may result in you feeling tired, low on energy and not wanting to do things or enjoying the things you once enjoyed. You may have days where you just like sitting somewhere and crying and not knowing the reason why. It is an ordeal for you to get out of bed and there may be days where you are just lying in bed staring at the ceiling waiting for sleep to come. A continuous state of despair can also bring about feelings of anger towards oneself or others which may then lead to thoughts of self-harm.

Depression could be due to various reasons; it could be because of encountering repeated failures or expectations not being met with. It could be an anxiety relating to inability to meet with the expectations of others. Having to deal with an over-demanding spouse or in-law could also create a feeling of despair. It could arise out of a strict disciplined childhood or even a privileged one. Harsh working conditions can lead to frustrations. A troubled and abused past, repeated instances of injustice, criticisms or insults can also lead to feelings of inability to take control. External situations such as lock downs, pandemics or chronic illnesses could bring about the feeling of hopelessness.

At mild stages of depression; staying busy, engaging yourself in meaningful and creative activities such as cooking, painting, learning to play a musical instrument or whatever it is that catches your fancy is a first step towards creating a positive environment for yourself. Speaking to a friend or being around friends and family who do not cause any negative feelings or frustrations is another step. Apart from the above, learning to detach yourself from toxic environments or situations through various yoga techniques could also help towards working on depression and coming out of it.

However, with longer lasting, deeper or severe depression it may be hard to come out of this alone and some of the techniques mentioned above will be difficult to practice. It is here, when you need to reach out for help as impossible as it may be to do so.

It is at this time also critical to understand that there is always a basic cause, a failed need or expectation that is underlying this state of despair or hopelessness and when this need is identified and then worked upon there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel.

Allow yourself the time, the patience, the faith, the respect and love to work on yourself. Allow yourself to drop some of the high sensitivities and look beyond your personal aspirations and problems. Sometimes even having faith in something beyond yourself can make this journey easier. Lastly, if you do not see any change and the feelings of despair continue to last for more than six months, change the approach, change the counsellor or the psychiatrist but do not give up on yourself. We have faith that this will get easier for you and you will get your control back. Even in the darkest hour, your inner light shines and someone appreciates it.

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