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Diploma In Yoga Counselling (Level 3)


It is only when we have healed ourselves, are we then in a position to heal others. Since, only then, is our intention to heal others out of true compassion and not for any personal gains. The Diploma Program in Yoga Counselling is thus a practical training that puts you through a scrubbing machine to cleanse away all the blocks that prevent the diamond inside, from shining brightly.

This is also the practical part of Transcending Homeostasis where, after working on ourselves, we are in a better position to go beyond personal comforts/ aspirations and contribute towards the healing of others. This program is thus applicable not only for counselors, but also for parents, teachers, friends or even simple well-wishers.


This Diploma Program integrates the best of Contemporary Psychology with the present-day application of the Eastern World View. The program has been divided in two parts;

  • 2 Contact Sessions and

  • 2 Non-Contact Sessions


1st ONLINE Contact Training

Because of pandemic, we are doing contact sessions online on zoom. These sessions will be held over a period of 8 weekends, 16 days, Saturday & Sunday; 3 hours per session, total 48 hours ); the concepts you will learn in these 16 days are given below


  • Introduction to the concept of Counselling and types of counselling

  • Counselling with respect to the Koshas

  • Studying the Carkhuff model of counseling

  • Understanding importance of Attitude training in counseling

  • Practicing the skills of case taking

  • Developing leadership qualities that include good communication skills and the ability to motivate others

  • Orientation to the assignments that have to be completed during the 1st non-contact session period.


1st Non-Contact Training

In this period, the student will have to complete assignments that provide a practical training to the learning obtained from the 1st contact training. The duration of this non-contact training will be for 3 months, during which there will be only field work and no classes held. There will however be mentors appointed for the students, who can be approached in case of any doubts or difficulties. We have also developed simultaneous activities which the students can attend to hone their communication skills. Assignments will include;

  • Completing 20 interviews

  • Initiating and managing a social project

  • Submitting the interviews and the project report that includes your leanings from the project.


2nd ONLINE Contact Training

Back from the training (both theoretical and practical) in Effective Communication Skills, the students will again attend sessions online on zoom  for another 8 weekends (total16 days. 3 hrs per session, total 48 hrs). The purpose of these sessions will be to learn the associated skills and have a comprehensive knowledge that would be necessary for being a successful counselor. This training will include sessions on;


  • Fine tuning – Goal Setting and Goal Steps

  • History of Contemporary Psychology and Counseling

  • Neurotic Vs Psychotic conditions and scope of counseling

  • Learning Disorders – Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia

  • Common Psychological Assessment tests

  • Introduction to other Counseling Techniques (TA, NLP, Hypnosis, EFT)

  • Understanding the Yoga perspective

    • About the mind,

    • The causes of limitations of the mind

    • Different techniques offered in Yoga, to work on the mind

    • Different types of meditations

    • Going beyond the mind

    • Powers of our mind

    • States and experiences beyond the mind, etc.

  Dates:- To be announced

2nd Non-Contact Training -

This will form the second part of assignments, wherein the student will have to complete 20 cases in a prescribed format of counseling. There will be no formal classes that will be held at The Yoga Institute. Support and guidance from the mentors will however be available again in case of any doubts or difficulties. Students will be allowed to attend and observe live counseling sessions at the institute or other venues available. A period of maximum 3 months will be granted to the students to complete these assignments and submit the completed case papers.


The Diploma certificate will be awarded to the students after the successful completion of all assignments.




  • Emo-Energy Workshop

  • Swadhyay (Level 1)

  • Chakra Healing – Level 2

  • Yoga TTC certification (Min. 200 hrs) from the Yoga Institute. If the participant has completed a yoga TTC program from any other institute, then they need to participate in at least a 7 day camp from The Yoga Institute, Mumbai.

  • Students who have not done TTC can join level 3 and simultaneously do TTC during their non-contact period. When they submit us a copy of TTC certificate, we will give them Dip. in yoga counseling certificate.

  • Those who want to join Level 3 program for Self-Development and have not done TTC nor intend to TTC, may join Level 3 but will not be eligible for the certificate.

  • Minimum 12th pass

DURATION: 9 months training program

Starts 8th June 2024 till January 31st 2025

(Total 16 weekends- Sat & Sun ONLY; total 32 sessions; 3hrs/session)

1st contact period - June 8 to July 28 (8 weekends- sat & sun ONLY; total 16 sessions in 1st contact period; 3hrs/session)

DATES:-  June- 8,9,15,16,22,23,19,30 July 6,7,13,14,20,21,27,28

2nd contact period- Nov 9 to Dec 29 (8 weekends- sat & sun ONLY; total 16 sessions in 2nd contact period; 3hrs/session)

DATES:- Nov 9,10,16,17,23,24,30,31, Dec 7,8,14,15,21,22,28,29


Morning Batch:- 10:00 - 1:00pm (IST)

Evening Batch:- 5:30 - 8:30pm (IST)

For further details call +91-8369 667701

Online Course Fees

Registration Charges Rs 32,000/- (last date of registration - 20th may)


Post 20th may, late registration charges Rs 35,000/-

Registration Link:-

Registration Link of Dip. In Yoga Counseling (level 3 of yoga psychology courses) will be sent privately via what’s app to those students who have completed the total no. of training sessions of Emo-Energy Balancing workshop, Swadhyay & Chakra Healing

(pre-requisite) with Yog Psychology Foundation .

Registration link for Dip. In Yoga Counseling (level 3 of yoga psychology courses) is not uploaded on website Because a student may directly register for Dip. In Yoga Counseling without completing the pre-requisite courses.

Please call or drop a whats app message on +91-8369 667701 to receive updates on Level 3 course

Please note fees once paid will be non-refundable.

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