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Corona and Homeopathy


There are two kind of children that I want to discuss today, in relation to their behaviour, whenever there is a situation of responsibility that emerges in the house.

1. Those who want to go on with their enjoyments and leave the responsibility to the adults.

2. The other who want to do their part, in owning the new responsibility that has arisen.

There are two kind of adult behaviors that are seen as a response to manage these second category of children.

1. Those who allow these children to take up their responsibilities, get benefited to some extent as also allow the children to learn in the process.

2. Those who feel that these children would rather be a nuisance. Hence, they manage to keep these children busy in some irrelevant activities, yet making them feel that they are doing something great.

Extremely sorry for the harsh or may be an extreme comparison, but in the present COVID-19 situation, I see the homeopaths as the children and the government, including the AYUSH department as the ‘Adults’.

The question is that as homeopaths where do we find ourselves? The unfortunate answer is that we find ourselves posting claims about homeopathic medicines that would be helpful in preventing and/or treating the Corona virus infection.

The next important question is, how many real/ actual cases of COVID-19, have we treated to make this claim valid and scientific.

But I do not have much resentment or expectations from the homeopathic fraternity. I understand that we have accepted that we are small, immature kids in the entire medical arena and hence nobody has any serious expectations from us.

Hence it would be quite valid if we keep on discussing on topics such as Genus Epidemicus and such related terminologies. But certainly, I am irritated when patients keep on asking me whether Ars. Alb. 30 or Camphora 1M or Justicia Adhatoda can work in corona cases, when I myself am not sure about it and most importantly; there is no way of getting sure about it.

My real resentment is towards the AYUSH department, whom I believe is laid back in pushing forth the relevance of homeopathy, in treating this new pandemic.

My resentment is also towards the government, which I believe has a lot of faith in the (principles of) other schools of treatments.

It is now over a couple of months since the spread of this disease has affected has affected scores of people around the globe.

Nations, Organisations, Governments are and will be spending billions of monies in finding out a possible cure and a vaccine for this malady. Till the moment there is no clear management in sight. More and more people are still getting caught by this infection and losing their lives.

My simple question to the government is;


We are not asking you to change your protocol. We are not interfering with those cases of yours where YOU ARE EXPERIMENTING with your medicines.

The suggestion is; maintaining the basic mandatory protocol fixed, wouldn’t it be possible to include a panel of senior homeopathic doctors who would be prescribing the infected patients with Homeopathic medicines on homeopathic principles.

Let there be a research study or a comparative study on the, - Effectiveness/ ineffectiveness of homeopathic medicines in COVID-19 cases - Advantages and limitations of homeopathy - Necessary changes if any, in the standards of practice for a homeopathic physician

Who should press for this move and forward this letter to may be Modiji?

1) Those who have the least faith in homeopathy and scoff at it as a pseudo-science-

Those who abhor homeopathy (similarly – Ayurveda) as a science, this is a golden opportunity for you to expose the invalidity of these so-called medical fields. Let it be settled for once and all that homeopathy is a pseudo-science and the government is wasting valuable funds in such bogus areas.

2) Those who have complete faith in homeopathy –

If you have real faith in homeopathy, then I believe, this is the right time for you to take this opportunity to knock the doors of government departments and make them understand the validity of homeopathy. If we find it difficult to answer at the present moment as to how homeopathy works, let us be ready to prove a point that it at least does work.

Who should not be forwarding / sharing this post further?

1) If you have vested interests in some pharmaceutical company who may stand to lose if the effectiveness of homeopathy is proven 2) If you do not really care if people live or die 3) If you have other important assignments on hand; such as forwarding videos on whatsapp, arranging online parties, breaking the curfew rules, etc.

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