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What is Yoga Psychology?

Whenever we hear the word yoga, we usually relate it with Asanas and Pranayams. The Patanjal Yoga Sutras is the authoritative text that defines the principles of yoga in its entirety. There are 4 sections of this text with a total of 196 sutras. Out of these 196 sutras, only two have a mention of asanas and five about Pranayams with their benefits.


The rest of the sutras speak:


  • About the mind,

  • The causes of limitations of the mind

  • Different techniques to work on the mind

  • Different types of meditations

  • Going beyond the mind

  • Powers of our mind

  • States and experiences beyond the mind, etc.


When the Yoga Sutras were formulated over 2500 years ago, the main intention was to go beyond the mind, for the purpose of emancipation or liberation; something that most of us today, may not relate with. Yet, what has been spoken; about the mind, causes of stress and the techniques to overcome it remains relevant to this date.


Not only have there been words of praise for the treasure of wisdom found in the yoga sutras, but it has also been used to prepare the ground work of modern-day psychology by some of its eminent founders including Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, etc.


Yoga psychology is an attempt to present the age-old wisdom of Yoga Philosophy as a logical conversation which can be easily understood and related to the present-day problems of this new generation.


The application is infinite; from overcoming simple anxiety, relationship or parenting issues, to severe depression, suicidal tendencies, ragging as well as hypertension, diabetes, asthma, migraine and various other health issues.


Upcoming Courses

 1. Create well-structured programs that helps use the process of Awareness as a tool for Mind Management on the principles of Yoga philosophy, that are easy to understand and practice. These modules are designed in a way that also help us understand the present labels of psychological and medical conditions, but from a perspective that clarifies the counselees’ contributions in their own health condition.

 2. Provide these programs as a therapeutic measure for various psychological and medical issues; helping them reduce or come out of the need to take medicines in conditions, so far considered untreatable, OR treatable only through medicine

 3. Creating avenues for providing these modules to various end users, including both; 

     a) Patients and counselees who would need it for themselves and.

     b) Doctors, Counsellors, Healers – who can have hands on experiences and then provide these modules to their clients and thus help directly in the propagation of Yoga as a healing module, along with receiving training program to help them learn these modules systematically.

 4. Conduct simultaneous research that goes on to show the positive effects of Yoga practices and self-awareness, in the overall health of an individual. This can provide a scientific support to this ancient Indian wisdom so that it can be included as a part of mandatory curriculum in the fields of both, education and medicine.

 5. Based on the foundation of a proper scientific research, develop Yoga as an important;.
     a) Alternative Form of Therapy (in certain medical & psychological conditions) and 

     b) Complimentary Form of Therapy (in most of the medical and psychological conditions)

Find Your Perfect Course

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Mrs. Ketaki R. Jayakar – Senior Advocate, M'bai High Court

I found this program very informative, enlightening and of great practical value. The training was very effective and Dr. Pednekar is very excellent in communicating with the students.

Dr. Pednekar has been very successful in not only bringing out the Counsellor in me, but helping me to resolve my issues and find out my own solutions. P.S. Since coming for his level 2, my sciatica has completely disappeared !

Ritika Kohli:

Asst. Vice President; Banking Sector-

The program teaches a practical self-analysis technique that has helped me to take a deep look into myself, identify the root cause of my problem and fix it. The revelations about self in the program are an eye opener; as I was always treating the symptoms before the root cause. I took charge of myself and started to work on the most important relationship that is with ME. The positive impact that Dr. Atul brings with the change in student’s life is the most meaningful aspect of attending any of his program.

Manavi Asrani:

Yoga teacher and life coach- 

The program helped me understand deeper aspects of my personality and why I used to behave in a particular manner. The course helped me to graciously accept others with their varied opinions. I'm very grateful to Dr. Atul who leads by example by being an extremely dedicated, approachable and powerful guide who presents complex aspects of life in a very scientific and systematic manner

Malati Agneswaran:

Ex HOD Nalanda College (Dance,
Choreography, Research)

The course impacted me with a jolt. Dr. Atul as gentle as are his ways is adamant in not passing on easy methods. He gently guides the student into a process of self-awareness and to understand the framework of his or her personality. Thereafter he watches your struggle but is forever with you to help you achieve your state of balance.

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